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Jabulani Herd

The First Meeting

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A personal introduction to some of the Jabulani elephants

The First Meeting takes place directly at the Lodge. Guests are introduced to the Elephant Manager or one of the Senior Elephant Keepers (no-one knows these animals better), and are given a brief overview of how the original Jabulani family came to be rescued; the subsequent arrival of a number of babies to the herd (only happy elephants breed), as well as the successful rehabilitation of the orphaned infants to arrive in the latter years.

Enter the elephants…

There is something we never tire of, and that is seeing our guests’ reactions when they first come in contact with the elephants. If we could only capture and bottle this, we’d surely have magic in our hands. No matter how many times our visitors may return, they always remember that first time…

The preliminary elephant interaction includes the personal encounter with the animals, where guests are able to touch and feed them (soon understanding the value of a ‘pellet’ in the pachyderm world) while they learn their very unique and often tragic stories. Just as people have distinctive personalities, so do elephants, and it is during this interaction that the many similarities between man and elephant become obvious. Kindred connections are formed, and the special photographs and videos that are captured during this time speak volumes.

Guests will also meet a number of the elephant keepers, each of whom plays a pivotal role in the Elephant Experience. Read more about Camp Jabulani’s elephant keepers here.

As the elephants amble slowly away, it’s usually in a state of excited animation that guests climb on board their safari vehicle to discover the many other natural wonders of the Kapama Reserve.

And that is just the start of it…

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