Rescuing and rehabilitating elephants

Looking into an elephant’s eyes is one of the most powerful experiences one can have. Elephants are majestic yet gentle creatures and we’ve made it our mission to protect them and help find orphaned elephants a new herd. Everything we do at Jabulani is centred around this passionate purpose. And you, as our guest, play a crucial role in helping us and HERD (Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development) support the herd and protect their future and those of new orphans.


The Elephant Care Model

We support HERD’s respectful rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned elephants. As social beings, every elephant needs a herd, making it essential to integrate orphans into a family of their own, for the sake of their survival and wellbeing. The biggest challenge is this integration, as elephants are often rejected from herds. However, we’ve managed to match new elephant families with HERD’s elephant care model blueprint over the past 20 years, giving orphans a second chance at life with a herd of their own.


Meet the Jabulani herd

Meet our Jabulani elephant herd that has grown older together as a close-knit family group. We can point out each elephant by its name thanks to their distinctive characteristics, behaviour, and how they interact with one another. And we’ll teach you how to do this too! Since 2006, we’ve welcomed five elephant calves to the herd, as well as adopted four orphans. This has changed the dynamics over the years and is very interesting to witness.

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Foster an elephant

Be part of an African elephant’s journey, by fostering an elephant at Jabulani that you feel that you connect with most. You can sponsor/foster an elephant for yourself or foster an elephant as a gift for a loved one, giving them the joy of supporting an elephant and the world of elephant conservation.


Herd Donations

The HERD (Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development) TRUST was established in 2021 following a 24-year journey in caring for elephants that have been displaced or orphaned due to human-elephant conflict.



We believe our elephants should remain as wild as possible while giving them the necessary shelter to protect and rehabilitate them. That’s why we custom-designed our stables for our herd, to give them enough space and freedom to roam from indoor to outdoor shelter as they wish. We also match our elephants to their herds by analysing their personalities and dynamics on an ongoing basis

Elephant Experiences

Immerse yourself in the remarkable journey of the Jabulani herd, shared by our team of elephant carers who have walked side by side with the elephants for more than twenty years.

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