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Sip and Swirl South Africa’s Finest Wines

Our glass-panelled wine cellar invites you to settle in for a private wine tasting or food and wine pairing experience. With ambient lighting against the face brick wall, and wine bottles stacked high, your glass and heart will overflow in this special place. Settle in around our intimate dining table, and lend your ears and taste buds to our team as they share the secrets and taste of South African wine with you.


Learn About South African Wine with Us

If you’re a wine aficionado or even consider yourself somewhat of a sommelier, join us to learn more about world-renowned South African wine. We’re passionate about our country’s wine and have hand-picked the best cultivars and vintages to share with our valued guests.


Our Wines Stand the Test of Time

The first bottle of wine recorded in South Africa was produced in its oldest city, Cape Town, and dates back to Jan van Riebeeck’s days, as early as 1659. Our temperate, Mediterranean climate gives us the mint conditions to grow various cultivars. And with the cool ocean air and ascending mountain slopes, we manage to create what can only be referred to as magic.

Whether you’re a wine lover or not, we can almost guarantee that you will leave with a liking for this nectar of the gods.

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A Taste of South African Wine

South Africa is one of the biggest award-winning wine-producing countries globally. Tourists from all over the world stream to the country to hop from wine farm to wine farm – and for us locals, it’s a favourite weekend activity too.

South Africa is best known for its unique terroir that produces bold red and fruity white wines. In fact, South Africa has its very own unique grape varietal, namely Pinotage. And you’ll certainly get to sample a couple of excellent Pinotage wines during your stay at Jabulani!

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Discover an oasis in the South African bush. The style and ambience of Jabulani resonate with that of a classic African safari lodge, refined with a fresh and modish touch. Explore our six luxury Jabulani Suites and our exclusive Zindoga Villa.

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