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Game Drives

Your first African safari experience will remain a cherished memory for the rest of your life. A game drive on a Big Five reserve is a humbling and soulful experience. At Jabulani, game drives are conducted by experienced and knowledgeable rangers in open, custom-built safari vehicles in a private game reserve of 16 000 hectares.

Morning Game Drives

Wake up in sync with the heartbeat of Africa, venture out to greet the dawn and have the opportunity of appreciating the sounds and beauty of the bushveld awakening. Later departures can also be arranged with your ranger

Evening Game Drives

Evening game drives beneath the glittering stars of the African sky present our wildlife in a totally different way. Using only a spotlight to track the animals, this is a thrilling safari experience that offers excellent sightings of nocturnal animals.

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Walking Safaris

A walking safari takes you that one step closer to the essence of the African bush. The exhilaration of being so close to nature, feeling the crunch of the wilderness beneath your feet, the texture of plants stroking your skin as you brush past and the amazing sounds and smells of Africa will remain with you long after you have left Jabulani. Follow the tread of your armed ranger, who will guide you safely through a memorable adventure.

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The Big 5

In Africa, the Big Five game animals are the lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and Cape buffalo. The term was coined many years ago by African big-game hunters and refers to the five most difficult and dangerous animals in Africa to hunt on foot. While hunting is these days frowned upon by many, and for good reason, the Big Five are still very much around.

Enjoy them now in a different manner on an African safari experience. Jabulani is home to an abundant population of the Big Five and ensures excellent sightings. While seeing all five of the Big Five within a short visit can never be guaranteed, it is certainly not uncommon. Even the elusive leopard, often described as the least social of the African big cats, is frequently spotted.

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Little Things

Most African safari enthusiasts appreciate the “little things” as much as they do the Big five if guided with a passionate and knowledgeable ranger. Our Jabulani rangers impart a great wealth of information of both larger wildlife, as well as the little critters, that so often go unnoticed. You will soon learn that they are just as important in the ecosystem as their bigger wildlife neighbours.

There is so much fascinating information just waiting to be discovered, if you pause to look that little bit closer, from insects to the endless flora that surrounds you on safari. Fortunately, our rangers will share their eyes and their wisdom, ensuring you feel that bit closer to nature.

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With a bird count of over 350 species, Jabulani is a birders’ delight. Birds add yet another magical dimension to your Jabulani safari. Taking the time to learn about them provides an even more rewarding wildlife experience.
Colourful birds are often easier to identify and guests tend to have a great appreciation for seeing them on safari, but the thrill of spotting birds of prey in action, the iconic African fish eagle, or one of the many owl species that inhabit the Jabulani bushveld never fails to impress.

Reviews & Visitor Experiences


The staff and the rooms were great, and the food was superb. The staff did their best to please and to make sure each day had variation. The chefs and guides were superlative. We had a fantastic time. It felt like we had traveled back in time to a pleasant remnant of the British Empire.
- Nakorsakov


What a great place and a great stay. Stephan and Chantelle are fantastic managers with an awesome team working at the lodge. Our guide Jason is so knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to drive with. I cannot begin to describe the fantastic room where we stayed in absolute luxury. The two Chefs Alex and Dylan - oh my word, the food these guys make is unexplainable fantastic and one has to experience this to really appreciate good taste. We fell in love with the place. We loved our stay and will recommend Jabulani to anyone who takes a good stay, good food, lots of animals and great people in the bush serious!
- Wilma V


Attention to detail is incredible. I could not fault Jabulani on one thing. Elephant experience is very moving and spiritual. All staff very friendly Ruan the best of the best. Absolutely loved every minute.
- Carrylvanbassen


The place, the staff, the elephants, all authentic and exciting. It was a magical, charming, calming and elevating experience. I can’t wait to bring my two daughters next time to share this corner of the Earth with me.
- FPocorn


The place was amazing - extremely well run and totally welcoming. Highly recommended for anyone wanting luxury combined with lifetime trip experiences we will remember forever. Staff and Management should be congratulated for leaving no stone unturned with respect to care service and the full Safari Experience. Thanks for making this trip one we will never forget - Special mention to Ruan - Our Safari ranger and tour guide! Thank You
- ADunn


Favorite place on earth! Yeap, if someone were to ask me which is my favorite place on earth, Jabulani would be the place. We discovered this gem in 2017 and have been back every year, being this our fourth visit. We have always felt the warmth and the kindness of everyone here, from the wonderful managers, Chantel and Stefan to every single staff member, who are always ready to pamper you and help you in any way.
- CGriffiths


Chantal, Stefan and the team were awesome and made our stay a memorable experience. a SPECIAL thanks to Dylan, the chef, Songs our butler, and of course, Ruan, our ranger. The three of them are what made the lodge and stay a 5 star soulful experience. Ruan was absolutely amazing! The big 5 in 2 days and then some rare sightings of very special wildlife. Not to mention Jabulani and the boys. We will return soon!
- DSmith