Take a Piece of Jabulani Home with You

After ten years of welcoming our special guests to Jabulani, we celebrated a decade of sharing soulful safaris by expanding our offering with brand-new additions. In 2013 we thought long and hard about how we could make our guests’ experience even more special. And so the Jabulani Boutique was born.

We built our Jabulani Boutique from scratch and lovingly hand-picked only the highest quality items we could find for you. We hope that what you select will make a beautiful addition to your home and that your family and friends will love you for giving them something worth keeping!

We want to create the full experience that will leave your heart full and your suitcase well-packed. It’s hard enough to leave Jabulani, so we allow you to take a piece of it home with you.

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Memories and Mementos

At Jabulani, we leave you with life-long memories. But we also wanted to give you a space where you can peruse at leisure and collect treasures and trinkets to take home.

We’ve built and created a space where guests can collect tangible mementoes to match their memories collected at Jabulani. We hope that you enjoy our boutique, that you can take home gifts for friends and family, but more importantly, a piece of Jabulani that will always make you smile.

Our Stays

Discover an oasis in the South African bush. The style and ambience of Jabulani resonate with that of a classic African safari lodge, refined with a fresh and modish touch. Explore our six luxury Jabulani Suites and our exclusive Zindoga Villa.

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