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Getting ‘In The Know’: Elephant research in practice

By 31st Mar 2017 No Comments

We’ve always been committed to the emotional and physical wellbeing of the Camp Jabulani elephant herd. Our decision to terminate elephant back safaris in May 2016 brought with it a strong need to establish – for once and all – if our elephants are as happy and well adjusted as we believe them to be.

Did you know that an elephant’s stress levels can be established and monitored through its dung?

We embarked on a long-term research project last year, in an effort to understand the physiological and behavioural impact that human interactions have on the Jabulani herd. Although it sounds simple, it’s an intensive and really fascinating process, based on the comparison between free-ranging elephants on the reserve, and the semi-captive animals in the herd.

As part of the evolved Elephant Experience, Camp Jabulani’s guests have the exclusive opportunity of joining the resident researcher with her fieldwork of collecting fresh dung samples and monitoring the natural behaviour of the elephants during their browsing times in the bush.

Click here to read an in-depth piece on Camp Jabulani’s elephant research project.


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