Wild Cats, Graceful Giraffes & Swimming Elephants on the Ranger Cam

by jabulanisafari

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Every new week brings new adventures in our wilderness!

Ranger Reece captured many of the fascinating moments you’ll see here — starting with albino orphan elephant, Khanyisa swimming with her herd! The calf is followed by Limpopo, daughter of the herd matriarch, while she submerges herself again under the water in the dam. Watch the Moira lionesses reclining in the dirt path and a grand male lion sitting beautifully on his hill top. Later you’ll catch another male lion sleeping on the road, waiting for the cooler evening to come to commence hunting no doubt. A little of giraffes amble across the grassy bush veld and a few unique glimpses arise too: such as green backed heron chicks and a lengthy python. Snakes aren’t everyone’s favourite creatures but these reptiles are a vital part of the ecosystem and keeping nature in the wild in balance. Every animal has its part in the wilderness and it’s beautiful to see every facet of their diverse wildness out on drives amongst them.

In this video below, Reece shares even more wild wonders!

Watch the two Bosplaas lionesses picking up a scent before rolling on the earth together. The seven Guernsey lion cubs we’ve come to know and love are seen with extremely large bellies, having no doubt recently devoured a good helping of dinner. One of the dominant male leopards in our reserve, Xivati marks his scent on the side of the path, showing his beautiful spots before heading back into the bush. Two hyena cubs play and rest contentedly in the thick vegetation and then it’s on to dung beetles, engages in a duel over one ball. A beautiful male lion walks out of the bush, with a towering giraffe behind him, and shows his large paws with each step. Reece captures three amazing smaller creatures: the lesser striped swallow, the painted reed frog and a chameleon walking slowly across the dirt path. We look forward to sharing more wonderful natural sights in our next collection or in person on a safari with us at Jabulani!

A Beautiful Moment as the Two Lionesses & their Seven Cubs Unite

Ranger Reece captured an incredible moment out in the reserve as the now well known seven cubs (although growing speedily) unite with their mothers. It’s endearing to watch the cubs nuzzle up to the older females and come together. Three of the young lions were born to the one female, and four to the other female. The pride always roam together, although sometimes the mothers will head off to hunt while the youngsters stay together in the bush.

Join us at Jabulani for more wild and wonderful sightings!

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