What the Jabulani Wildlife Webcam Saw

by jabulanisafari

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Secret Sightings

We recently joined the Africam community with a new livestream camera set up at one of the waterholes in our reserve, to capture the scenes playing out when we’re not around.

Africam live-streams wildlife in full HD from Africa’s most remote locations and captures incredible African wildlife videos.

We are excited to share snippets and collections and the videos captured. Starting with this pack of wild dogs who recently visited a dam well-manned by a line buffalo. These livestreams help us to have a better idea of the wildlife movements and numbers in our reserve and let us share the African wilderness with people around the world.

You can tune in to the constant livestream on our homepage — simply scroll down: http://www.jabulanisafari.com

Wild Dogs Meet a Lone Buffalo at the Dam

The Elusive Aardvark

Something truly unique! It has been years since we glimpsed an aardvark in the bush. But AfriCam’s web cam at out waterhole managed to capture a view of this highly elusive animal. Aardvarks are medium-sized, burrowing, nocturnal mammals native to Africa.The aardvark gets its name from a South African word meaning “earth pig.” It may resemble a pig in appearance but they actually share common ancestors with elephants and golden moles.


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