Waterhole Time with the Jabulani Herd & Albino Elephant Calf, Khanyisa

by jabulanisafari

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There are several dams in the reserve which the rescued herd visit on different days with the carers at HERD (Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation & Development). Watch below as the herd stop by one of the dams during their daily walks. It’s interesting to see the bonds between the different members as the elephants pair up at the waterhole: Bubi and son, Zindoga, with Fishan joining; Setombe and daughter, Klaserie with buddy Sebakwe alongside them; Timisa & Pisa; Khanyisa & Kumbura. Enjoy this view of the elephants out in nature together!

Splashing about in the dam has long been a favourite pastime of certain of the elephants — including Sebakwe, Bubi and Fishan.

Watch below as orphan calf, Khanyisa takes over as Queen of the waterhole! Khanyisa is the first to start swimming as all the elephants enjoy a drink from the dam before heading in deeper. Khanyisa submerges herself at Timisa’s feet and is soon with her trusty allomothers, Kumbura and Bubi. These two guardians keep her safe as she swims about the waterhole, in and around the big bodies beside her — she even headbutts Bubi’s rear in the process.

Watch as Khanyisa copies Bubi’s splashing — instead she uses not only her trunk but her whole head, giving it her absolute all. This helps elephants to cover themselves in the cooling sorts of water and seems to give them great joy too. Khanyisa has extra pep in her swimming step and swims up and down between Kumbura and Bubi, before speed-walking out of the dam toward the banks where her adoptive mother Lundi is grazing! It’s such a joy to watch all the elephants enjoying this favourite pastime together.

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