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The more time you spend in nature, getting back to the earth, the more you realise how little you need, how easy it is to make those sustainable changes, and how good it feels to do good.

On safari at Jabulani, conservation, community and working toward a more sustainable world are in every touch, giving you the chance to have a positive impact while enjoying your safari holiday in the wild. We have dedicated this year to developing our Sustainability Vision and will be sharing more insight with you in upcoming months.

Visit us for a soulful and sustainable safari experience and learn more about how travel can help the earth, our communities, and ourselves.

We live very closely to nature at Jabulani and we see clearly how our every day choices affect the environment around us. We’re dedicated to having as little impact on the earth as possible, while investing in ways that help to counteract our human footprint while also restoring the land and helping it to thrive.

The wilderness is good at looking after itself but with our human presence and that of the rescued herd we care for with HERD (Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development), it needs our help to give it the best starting point. Growing our own food through aquaponics, and food for the elephants through the HERD bana grass plantation, reducing and recycling waste through a wormery, compost, erosion management plans and elephant dung projects, restoring the grasslands through our JabuLadies and team’s efforts of brushpacking, rebuilding waterholes, and choosing to support local suppliers and producers are a few ways we’re working toward our sustainability vision at Jabulani.

This video is a brief look at that vision – which would be incomplete without mentioning our long journey of elephant rescue, rehabilitation and integration, and the long-term plan of rewilding where possible.

Together with HERD Trust, giving the Jabulani herd and new orphans a home close to nature, where they can socialise and bond with their own species and develop those deep and meaningful family bonds is what drives us daily. It is a journey going all the way back to 1997 when Jabulani, the first orphan elephant calf, was rescued.

Sharing the wilderness with others and educating people through safaris or online, through videos, about the natural world and wildlife is part of our mission to create more wildlife and elephant custodians who care about caring… who help spread the message of conservation and supporting those invested in doing the hard work on the ground.

Join us by visiting our wilderness in South Africa or tuning in to our videos on YouTube!

Our guests contribute to our work of creating a positive difference on the ground, through merely visiting us on safari, since our accommodation rates include an elephant levy that goes to supporting the elephants at HERD.

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