One Tonne of Albino Baby Elephant, Khanyisa

by jabulanisafari

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A Whole Lotta Sunshine

You may have seen Khanyisa, the albino baby orphan accepted into the Jabulani herd while in our wilderness, perhaps while the elephants embark on their daily adventures in the bush or while they swim and splash in the dam. Or you may have heard about her story and followed the incredible rescue, rehabilitation and integration process with HERD Trust. We’re so excited to share that she is doing wonderfully, now weighing in at over one tonne!

The HERD team have continued to weigh her weekly to monitor her health and progress and to ensure her sustained weight gain as she grows, ensuring those milk bottles and foraged vegetation are keeping her well-fuelled.

Khanyisa graduated from the orphanage last year November and has been overnighting at the homestead, meaning she is a full-time member of the Jabulani herd now. A great success for HERD – Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development!

Well done, little Meisiekind! And thank you to all her supporters and foster parents for helping to raise her!

On 26 September, we celebrate Khanyisa turning FOUR YEARS OLD! Another big milestone is her special life.

Continue to follow her story on HERD’s socials.


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