Capturing Nature’s Secrets | A Glimpse Through Our New Remote Camera

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Here at Jabulani, we’ve embarked on an exciting journey of discovery with the help of an advanced remote camera, generously gifted to us by the amazing people at fStop Foundation. This camera has become a window into the world of wildlife that surrounds us.

A Gift for Conservation: fStop Foundation’s Generosity

Last year, fStop Foundation bestowed us and HERD with a precious gift – remote cameras designed to unveil the mysteries of the animal kingdom. The foundation’s mission is to “create a positive effect in conservation by creating awareness through the use of photography.” Through their remote camera programme, they provide remote cameras to organisations and nature reserves around the world.

HERD utilises most of the donated cameras in their elephant homestead and orphanage, while we use one camera that we strategically position in different locations to explore the diverse wildlife in our area.

Our Camera Locations: Observing Key Habitats

We have decided to move our remote camera between different locations to observe wildlife in various key habitats. So far, we have positioned the camera near the lodge’s waterhole, where we get insight into the wildlife that passes the lodge or comes to quench their thirst. We’ve also positioned the camera in the river bed next to the lodge, where we get a peek into the lives of the animals that pass through there. We will continue to move the camera to other carefully selected locations, where it will document diverse wildlife in different areas.

Notable Sightings: Who’s Been in the Limelight?

The camera has already unveiled a spectacular array of wildlife. From the graceful flight of birds to the stately procession of various antelope species, mischievous monkeys, playful baboons, and even majestic elephants and energetic hyenas – each frame tells a unique story.

Yet, amid this diverse group, one species is notably absent – the elusive leopard. While leopards have not yet appeared in a captured frame, our team remains hopeful and is eagerly awaiting the day a leopard steps into the camera’s view.

Educational Insights: Beyond the Lens

While the remote camera is undoubtedly providing us with lots of entertainment, it is also a powerful educational tool. fStop Foundation explains that remote cameras “are non-invasive to the wildlife and provide important data that scientists can use as well as powerful images and video content that help tell our stories.”

Remote cameras are unobtrusive and are equipped with motion sensors and high-resolution lenses, which enable them to capture candid images of wildlife in their natural habitats, providing a wealth of information that was once challenging or impossible to obtain. They can operate silently and autonomously for extended periods, which means that they can offer an unobtrusive window into the lives of elusive and even nocturnal animals.

Because of their ability to capture high-quality images and footage of wildlife in their natural habitats, remote cameras also serve as a way to raise awareness. And in the world of conservation, awareness is vital.

Remote cameras chronicle the daily lives, interactions, and untold stories of wildlife that often remain hidden from the human eye. They reveal the unseen and often underappreciated aspects of nature. And by doing that, they connect us with nature in ways that we have not been able to before. We hope that by sharing the images captured by our remote camera, we can connect more people with the wonders of the natural world.

Stay Tuned to Follow Along

As we continue on this journey of discovery, we invite you to join us. We will share regular updates on our remote camera adventures. Follow along as we learn more about the intricate web of life that surrounds us.


  1. I can’t wait until we can watch live at anytime. That would be the greatest thing to happen . In the meantime love ,love, love,the pic’s and all of your beautiful story’s and clips.
    Much love to all of you.

  2. I absolutely enjoy everything about Jabulanie ,The wonderful work from all the the people at Herd A specialty Adine you are a wonderful person the special bond you have with Elephant s is so wonderful to watch,I never get tied of watching them all,I chirish the card of Khanyisa I love her so my soul bonded with her when I first saw her injured the so much love gave to her ,made her so special,she is beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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