A Jabulani Secrets Q&A with Ranger Jeffery

by jabulanisafari

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Meet our newest member of the guide team, Ranger Jeffery. Guests have called him “educational and amazing,” and said, “Our game drives were always thrilling, guided by a super-qualified expert named Ranger Jeffery. He has excellent knowledge and an extreme sensitivity with wildlife.”

Other guests have commented, “Jeffery made our experience on game drives and bush walks so special. We learned a ton, and it’s clear he is absolutely passionate about what he does, and his love of animals, insects, and plants in infectious. We loved learning all he had to share with us and we felt like we were under such good care with him leading the way.”

The kind words continue… “Our guide, Jeffery, a guide of 18 years, taught us so much. When on safari you never know what you might see, but every day we were on the lookout for any creatures with a heartbeat, and Jeffery delivered.”

Now that you have the guests’ perspective, we share Jeff’s insight below in a Q&A.

1. We all have our different connections to nature and the animal world. Can you describe yours? 

In nature, that’s where I find peace of mind and have a chance to have introspection of myself and appreciate life as a whole.

2. How have you developed your understanding of the South African wilderness? 

During my school days, I loved the outings where we visited nature reserves and viewed the animals. That’s when the love of nature was born in me.

3. What are the moments of living and working at Jabulani that mean the most to you? 

Giving 100% to my guests, spending time with them, and planning everything on my own as a Ranger, this has greatly contributed to my knowledge and experience. Working with a new team also helps me grow mentally.

4. What unusual things do you love about the wilderness? 

In the wild, there is always a surprise, every time you go out. I love surprises in the wild.

5. How do you handle fear in the wild in yourself and guests? 

I have no fear in the wild, as I feel more protected and safe here, compared to being in the city.

6. What are your five important rules to life in the wild? 

Love nature, respect nature, protect nature, learn from nature, appreciate nature.

7. What inspires you in life and work? 

Peace, happiness, kindness and excellent teamwork in my career inspires me a lot.

8. Best meal and drink on the menu at Jabulani?  

The lamb dish, and a passionfruit and lemonade drink

9. How do you believe you can help make the world a better place through experiences and places like Jabulani? 

I believe that through education we can make the world a better place. I regard myself and my fellow guides as the ambassadors of wildlife. We can have a huge impact on our visitors from all over the globe, and help them to respect and appreciate wild places like Jabulani.

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