A Glorious Week of African Wildlife

by jabulanisafari

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We have been fortunate to have a beautiful new week of wildlife sightings from Rangers Juan and Reece as well as Assistant Manager, Ruan who shared the special rhino mother and calf sighting shown in this new video above! The babies of the reserve are all out now and the vervet monkeys are enjoying life!

With the extra rain, the bush is turning greener and greener by the day, meaning much more food for all the animals. A female leopard tortoise follows her male companion across the dirt path, their shells’ incredible patterns on full display. Another smaller animal comes into view too — the endangered pangolin. It’s always a lucky day when you come across one of these rare and beautiful creatures. The lion prides are all out and enjoying the shade as our vehicle moves slowly past.

Our guests on board are avid photographers and capturing every moment before the sun sets. To end, an old and well-lived buffalo ambles past slowly, showing the marks of having gotten into no doubt a few fights in his time. Amazingly, all the animals in the reserve manage to live alongside each other, only taking what they need, and doing what is needed to survive in the wild. Nothing more, nothing less. With some play time thrown in, of course.

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