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From the Kitchen

World Oceans Day 2018 – 08 June

By 7th Jun 2018 No Comments

Jabulani is proud to partner with Relais & Chateaux on this World Oceans Day 2018, and have created an “Exquisite Fish” Menu especially for this important day.

Our Executive Chef, Dylan Frost will create the menu for our guests this evening, and will incorporate this menu into his menu selections for our Camp Jabulani Guests.

At Jabulani we will only source fish from the “green light” seafood from the SASSI guidelines (South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative)

Chef Dylan explains why he chose to create the menu he has, and how is choice contributes to our commitment to sustainable fishing.

The First Starter, “Seafood Soup”

“Using the Barramundi bones, head, tail and fins from the fish used in one of the main courses, insures that none of the fish goes to waste. Using the SASSI chart and only using the green column fish, such as Barramundi, contributes to the conservation of our oceans fish.”

The Second Starter, “Seafood Ceviche”

“Using the fillets of the fish and only using green listed seafood in this dish was important. We then used the bones to create a stock for the Main Course Sauce”

The Main Course “Squid Ink Pasta”

“Using the bones from the starter, I am able to create a tasty Fish stock, which I then blanch the pasta with, as well as adding some of it to the crème fraiche and fennel sauce for extra flavour. The leftover stock can also be frozen to use again for a seafood risotto or any other fish based sauces.”

The Second Main Course “The Rooibos Smoked Barramundi”

“Using the fillets of the Barramundi to make this dish is the final touch of using the entire fish. Using a fish stock for the Parmesan Veloute helps with extra flavour in the sauce.”

We look forward to sharing Dylan’s inspired Exquisite Fish Dishes with our guests.