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What the storm brought, by Ruan Roos

By 23rd Mar 2016 No Comments

After the long drought that Limpopo has been experiencing, we finally got a much needed rain storm. Craig Sanders and I decided to take a drive with our guests in the fresh and wet bushveld.

From the moment we left camp, animals and birds were in abundance. The rain had literally brought life back to the bush. We came across a young male lion that had caught a buffalo, and had the opportunity to watch this mighty predator enjoying his hard earned meal.

As Craig pulled out of the sighting, he suddenly hit his brakes and signalled for me to drive closer. A female cheetah came strolling out of the bush just 5 meters from our vehicles! She could not have cared less about our presence, and we could see that she was on a mission for breakfast.

Having the opportunity to see earth’s fastest land mammal in action got everybody excited. We followed her for a good 20 minutes until she abruptly stopped, her eyes focused in one direction. In the distance we could see a small herd of impala. She started stalking the antelopes, but unfortunately they spotted her and bolted away. She accepted defeat and lay down, rolling languidly in the damp grass. She gave us about 10 minutes of great photographic opportunity before she vanished into the thicket.

Ruan Roos

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