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What animal would you be?

Camp Jabulani is proud of the many things which make it such an incredible destination… Scores of adoring guests have travelled from around the globe to interact with our unique herd of rescued elephants, soak up luxury at our lodge, witness our spectacular wildlife and experience our breath-taking sunsets. Staying in-tune with presenting our guests the best of everything, Camp Jabulani boasts with a team of world-class wildlife rangers.

This month we decided to shine the spotlight on the team in hopes of bringing you a little closer to the guys who strive to make each Camp Jabulani breakaway an unforgettable one.

Our rangers spend an incredible amount of time in the African bushveld. Their senses have been sharpened by years of experience and their knowledge of local wildlife is unparalleled. Being so focused on animals, it seems only fitting that we started this ranger focus by asking the guys which animal they would be, if they had to choose one.

“I would choose to be a leopard if I could. This is mainly because of the idea of being one of the most elusive and intriguing mammals in southern Africa with the power of attracting people from far and wide to view.

Being semi-unpredictable and underestimated in power keeps everyone on edge to find it. Once found the pure enjoyment of witnessing the beautiful coat with unique camouflage properties leaves everyone wanting to see more. A great reason to visit the African bush again.”

“If I would have to be an animal I would definitely want to be an elephant.
Elephants always leave me awestruck. The unity, social structure, compassion and intelligence is something I admire a lot about these animals. And being on the bigger side, the 20-hour-a-day eating also doesn’t seem like the worst way to spend your life.”

Photos: A. de Jager

“The choice is a fairly simple one; I would be my favourite animal: the honey badger. Honey badgers are incredibly intelligent and cunning animals, having the ability to learn and adapt and overcome obstacles in their way. Another reason would be the fearlessness of the honey badger, having the courage to take on any animal in their path whether it be a snake, a lion or even the feared buffalo. A honey badger never backs down and even if he loses or fails the first time, rest assured he will return for a second round.”

“If I could choose to be any animal I will have to go with pangolin. The pangolin is a critically endangered species, so it won’t do any harm adding to the declining numbers even just by one. One of the highlights for me as ranger on walks or even drives is finding termite mounds and ant nests. These insects are high in protein and quite common in the bush. Being the pangolin’s source of food, it definitely helps that they don’t taste too bad. It also helps that I will have a hard outer shell to protect me from the majority of predators. I think I will make a happy pangolin.”

“If I could choose to be an animal it would be the Hyena. Probably the most underrated animal in the African bush, all because of one cartoon movie. They have an incredibly complex social structure and are one of, if not the best, survivors out here. They can extract some of the most nutritious food sources found in the bush, the marrow from inside the bones, with the strongest set of jaws of all the animals.”

Photos: R. Roos

Those who have visited Camp Jabulani and met our rangers will testify that they are indeed as interesting and diverse as the animals they have mentioned here. These rangers all believe in presenting the best possible experience to all our guests and it is for this reason they are so valuable. They are truly a part of what makes Camp Jabulani what it is today. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit Camp Jabulani, meet our rangers, listen to stories of their exciting encounters and hear them speak of this wildlife they love so dearly…

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