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We celebrate Pisa’s 6th birthday!

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Pisa was the second baby born to Tokwe, and arrived by on the 13th November 2009. Pisa, meaning ‘hot’ in Shona, was given that name as she arrived on a blisteringly hot afternoon, and Tokwe (her mother) was 4 kilometres away from the stables at the time that Pisa deemed fit to enter this world! The handlers & Tokwe had to help Pisa all the way home, as she was still a bit weak on her newborn legs, and she had to be doused in water continuously to cool her down. It was clear from the word go that this was a very special elephant, with an underlying strength and endurance second to none.

Pisa, along with adopted sister Kumbura (rescued as an orphaned baby), spends most of her time with Tokwe. Both youngsters get along extremely well, given that they are almost the same size, and are both female. She also loves her older natural sister, Limpopo.

Pisa is still very attached to her mother. They are together in the same paddock at night, and are even inseperable during the day when they are in the bush grazing. Pisa will still occasionally drink from her mother, and doesn’t seem to be in too much of a hurry to grow up.

She is passionate about pellets, and will do just about anything to get the attention of the handlers when she sees them with the cherished bag of treats. When she is ignored and realises that her begging is not working, she’ll walk off sulking, typical of a young girl not getting her way. Her bad temper is always short lived though.

She is a calm, reliable and intelligent elephant, and at the age of 6 is already recognising and responding to some of the handlers’ gentle commands. She is still scared of strangers, and has a distinct preference for specific handlers. Easily frightened, she’ll scupper to her mother’s protective side when ‘spooked’. Although she is a shy animal, she is also very active and playful,.

One can already see that she is a born matriarch, and will follow in her mother’s footsteps. We look so forward to seeing Pisa grow into a uniquely characteristic elephant as she takes her place within the Camp Jabulani elephant herd.

Happy birthday Pisa! Our lives were all the more enriched the day you arrived at Kapama Game reserve.

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