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Jabulani Herd

Update on orphaned elephant Timisa

By 12th Jul 2017 No Comments

Timisa has truly found her place in the Camp Jabulani herd. For a young elephant, she is very independent and can sometimes be found foraging by herself quite a distance away from the rest of the herd. However, Timisa always ensures that she stays in close proximity to Tokwe (the matriarch) and Limpopo (Tokwe’s eldest daughter), who is also very protective of her.

Timisa has also formed a special bond with Kumbura. Just like Timisa, Kumbura was rescued and introduced to the Camp Jabulani herd after she was found wandering by herself as an 18-month old calf in 2009. Perhaps, it is due to their similar circumstances that the two have been drawn to each other.

Timisa truly lives up to the expression that “elephants are eating machines”. She loves her food and has gained a considerable amount of weight since her arrival and currently tips the scale at 336 kg.

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