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Update on Elephant Bull Fishan’s Leg

By 12th Nov 2018 No Comments

A few days ago I shared information about the second procedure that we undertook to try treat elephant bull Fishan’s fractured leg.

Over the weekend Fishan’s leg started swelling quite badly, so we had to take the decision to remove the supportive contraption that we had fitted around his leg.

Tigere and Schalk removing the dressing from Fishan’s leg, whilst he was under standing sedation

Dr Peter Rogers did a standing sedation with Fishan, which allowed Tigere Matipedza (elephant manager) and Schalk Human (safari manager), to loosen the bolts of his cast, which they did successfully.

Fishan standing patiently whilst sedated, as they removed the device.

I was concerned about Fishan’s pain, as although he was given a strong painkiller whilst under sedation, he stood for a lengthy period afterwards, as the anesthetic was reversed, gaining his balance in a new position without any support around his leg. But he got through it okay, he is such a strong and determined bull.

Fishan shortly after we removed the leg fitting

Fortunately, he is eating well again and has a good appetite, and his swelling has reduced slightly.

For now we will let his leg rest naturally until we assess the situation again.

Fishans leg resting naturally

Thank you for all your care and concern thus far,

Adine Roode
Managing Director

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