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There’s a hijacker in our midst!

By 24th Sep 2010 No Comments

Recently we found a ‘hijacker’ in one of our safari vehicles, although luckily it didn’t mean any harm.

While walking past the Land Rover one morning, a staff member noticed a flash of movement in the vehicle.

On closer inspection we found a Spotted Bush snake ensconced in the air-vent. Clearly it was intent on joining us on safari!

We had no way of getting at it, so we decided to leave it be in the hope that it would make its appearance when the guests weren’t around.

It eventually made its way out when it realised we weren’t going anywhere as long it was holed up inside the vehicle.

Spotted Bush snakes are quite harmless, but they are quick to bite when harassed. They also have a very unusual tongue, in that it is bright blue with a black tip. As a defensive mechanism they will inflate their necks to show off the blue skin in-between their scales. This makes them look bigger and more intimidating.

At least that’s the idea!

Because of their green colouring they are often mistaken for the far more dangerous Boomslang, which is great for them but not for unsuspecting guests who aren’t that familiar with snakes.

We watched in awe as it made its way slowly down the vehicle, before disappearing into the bush.

Just another day in Africa. 😉

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