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The Story of Fishan the elephant

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Fishan is a 33 year old male elephant born in Zimbabwe. He was hand reared with 11 other elephants on a farm which was eventually expropriated due to the national land reform programme. This farm was located 12km east of Chinhoyi town.

Fishan was castrated at a young age in Zimbabwe due to a serious infection. An elephant never forgets, and this is very evident through Fishan’s behaviour. When the vet in Zimbabwe used to visit to clean and medicate Fishan’s castration wound, he would climb a ramp for easy access. Fishan now associates any ramp with pain, and refuses to go anywhere near the mobile ramp used for easy mounting before and after each safari at Camp Jabulani. The only way that Fishan will allow anyone to climb onto his back is from the ground directly! As this is a very cumbersome process, Fishan usually stays behind when the others depart on safari.

Fishan is a relaxed elephant which cares greatly for others in his family. He enjoys being around people, especially during stable visits. He loves attention, even more so when it comes with tasty treats! He has himself a healthy appetite, and food is one of his all-time favourite things.

Fishan’s closest ally in the herd is Tokwe. He is a very confident elephant, and is second in command to Sebakwe. Had he not been castrated so young, he would in all likelihood have been the dominant bull of the herd.

He can also be quite lazy. For instance, when he is asked to shake his head, he will comply but will simply flap his ears.


Fishan is the second tallest elephant in the Camp Jabulani family, and weighs about 2500 – 3000 kilograms (2.5 – 3 tonnes). He has quite a small head for such a big elephant, and also has short little tusks. As the physical appearance of tusks is a genetic factor, he would have inherited this trait from his parents.

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