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Jabulani Wildlife

The Rainbow Shield Bug – By Ranger Dean Wilkinson

By 23rd Jun 2018 No Comments

I thoroughly enjoy the little things in nature, so I am glad to share some info on this beautiful insect, for NATIONAL INSECT WEEK.

Most people perceive bugs to be commonplace creepy-crawlies that belong outdoors. Interestingly, bugs form their own order of the insect family and are easily identified by their straw-like mouth formations called stylets, used to extract juices from plants.

Bugs also have plate-like shields protecting their bodies.  The Rainbow Shield Bug (Calidea dregii)  has a particularly striking body-covering making it one of the most beautiful insects you will see. While the underside of the bug is red, the brilliant blue-green back shimmers in the sunlight.

Close up of the colourful Rainbow Shield bug

Rainbow Shield bugs are about 1.5cm long and can be found in summer, in small groups while feeding on a variety of plants and flowers.