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Ranger's Journal

The lonely hippo

By 31st Mar 2011 No Comments

Photo taken by Daniel Thompson (guest)

There comes a time in all our lives when we have to cut the apron strings and forge our own way in the world. For us humans this might entail such heady adventures as going off to Varsity or taking a gap year. As it turns out, things aren’t that different in the wild.

A few weeks ago a young hippo bull moved into a dam near the Camp. Initially we thought this would just be a temporary arrangement, but time went by and the bachelor stayed put. He has settled nicely into his new digs, making it clear that he’s planning to stay.

Having a hippo so close to Camp is a new thing for all of us, so going to the dam to visit him has now become part of our daily routine. On most days he can be seen lounging about close to the edge of his pool. And even the dam’s resident terrapins are happy about having a new housemate, as the hippo makes for an excellent “patio” on which to lie on and sunbathe.

We’re all looking forward to see if this guy is charming enough to lure a few lady friends to his pad.

See you on drive,
The Camp Jabulani Rangers 😉

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