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Ranger's Journal

The inquisitive leopard

By 10th Mar 2011 No Comments

After enjoying a beautiful sunset with refreshing sundowners and a herd of zebras for company, we detoured past camp for a quick pit stop before continuing with our evening drive. One of the guests opted to remain in the vehicle, while the rest of us went inside to make use of the facilities. I then returned to keep them company, and we spent the next ten minutes or so chatting while we waited for the rest of the group to join us.

We were just about to head back out when we saw a leopard walking towards us in the middle of the road. None of us thought we’d see any animal that close to camp, least of all a normally shy leopard, so we were all pleasantly surprised by the unexpected sighting.

Completely unaware of the fuss she was causing, the bold young female headed straight towards us. About 5m from the car she decided to walk into bush and pace the vehicle along our right side. We stayed with her until she disappeared into the bush. As she was a very young female we didn’t want to put too much pressure on her, so we let her disappear into the night.

See you on drive,

The Camp Jabulani Rangers 😉

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