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The closest leopard ever seen at Camp Jabulani, by Guide Chané Jacobs

By 26th Oct 2015 One Comment

During a late morning drive on Thursday 22 October with Tamlin from Relais & Châteaux, we came across a herd of impala all staring intently in one direction. They were snorting and alarm calling; a clear indication of a predator in the vicinity. We watched and waited for several minutes with baited breath, and eventually proceeded towards an area where the antelope had scattered.

After much searching, we finally came across a dead impala. We sat and waited for around 20 minutes, in eager anticipation of the predator coming out of the bush to claim its prey. With no sign of any lion or leopard (which we presumed to have killed the healthy male impala), we opted to set up our GoPro and Liquid Image Co sports action video cameras adjacent to the carcass. We then drove away with the intention of coming back several hours later.

When we returned, the impala carcass was no longer there and our video camera batteries had long since died. We hurried back to Camp Jabulani to review the footage, and were not disappointed!

The video clip speaks for itself, and is a characteristic behaviour trait of a leopard which will typically move its kill to a safer, more isolated area (up a tree, for instance) where it can indulge in peace without the threat of other stronger predators and scavengers such as lions and hyenas.

What an incredible capture of Kapama Game Reserve wildlife! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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