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Sunset and Goodnight: The stable experience

By 30th Mar 2017 No Comments

After a long day foraging in the bush, the elephants return to their sleeping quarters. But, before they turn in for the night, they enjoy a last, long drink at their favourite waterhole. This is where Camp Jabulani’s guests will be waiting for them. To see the elephants silently appearing through the dense bush close-by is an exhilarating sight.

The calves usually don’t want to leave the water but eventually the herd makes their way to their specially designed stables. Guests follow at a short distance, with Jabulani usually lingering behind to interact with guests.

The Jabulani Stables are unique as they have been custom designed and built for the herd. The Elephant Manager will explain the stable layout, how it is cleaned and refreshed on a daily basis, and how the elephants are grouped into camps (based on their personal preferences), highlighting the relationship clusters that have formed within the herd. A particular treat is watching the babies at their bedtime!

The elephants may have said goodnight, but the evening is far from over for guests. An evening game drive continues within the reserve, before returning to the lodge for a spectacular three-course dinner.


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