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Sun-downer: Rangers’ Report – 9 December 2014

By 12th Dec 2014 3 Comments

During sundowners we had a lovely surprise that perfectly ended off the afternoon, just before the nocturnal elephant safari. After unsuccessfully searching for lions the entire day in not-so-pleasant weather conditions, to our amazement we had the Guernsey lion pride joining in on our sundowners.

In typical ‘cat fashion’, the lions’ curiousity got the better of them. Wondering what was going on, they came right up to the sundowner circle. Guests watched in astonishment from the safety of the game viewer as the lions inspected our drinks table.

To everybody’s amusement, one of the young females took a lantern as a medallion and proudly walked off to where the pride went to lie down about 25m away.

The Guernsey lion pride is one of five on Kapama Game Reserve. The pride consists of three females and a young male, who is just starting to show signs of getting a mane.

Werner Nel (Ranger Wern)
Photography credit:  “Filmalter”
Piet Filmalter


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