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Jabulani Herd


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Lundi was raised in captivity after being orphaned due to a controversial culling operation that took place in Zimbabwe in the 1980s. It was at this early stage in her life that she was taken to a farm where she was trained for elephant back safaris. In 2002 the farm was appropriated, and it quickly became clear that the elephants’ lives were in danger. The farm’s owner reached out to Lente Roode for help, and the massive rescue operation to bring the elephants to safety here in South Africa was launched. Some of the original handlers are still with  Jabulani today!

Lundi is a truly unique and beautiful elephant, recognisable by her distinctive torn right ear. Some of the grooms believe that this is the result of a crocodile attack when she was a baby. She also has short tusks (unusual for an elephant her age), a pronounced forehead, long eyelashes and an especially hairy tip to her tail.

Lundi is a very calm elephant, but as a mother she’s overly protective of her only calf, Mambo. However, she always shows complete trust in the Camp Jabulani elephant handlers and has freely allowed them to interact with Mambo from a very young age.

She is a key member of the herd and second in line to the matriarch, Tokwe, who she spends a lot of time with. As the herd’s ‘great aunt’, Lundi is a disciplinarian, but is very caring towards the younger elephants.

Elephant manager Tigere is one of Lundi’s biggest fans and says “Lundi is destined to be one of the greatest elephants that ever lived. She’s very affectionate and usually shows appreciation by hugging you with her massive heavy trunk”.

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