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Today, we are turning our elephant personality spotlight on Fishan, our gentle 33-year-old male elephant. He loves attention – and snacks!

Stavros: Fishan is a naughty boy! He’s quite clever but doesn’t always listen. His best friends are Bubi, and all the babies like Limpopo, Klaserie and Zindoga. But he’s not too keen on Jabulani, Setombe and Samopane

Adine: If I could place Fishan in a personality profile, I would say he is an ENFP personality – the campaigner. He is very curious and overenthusiastic when he decides to do something. He is quite popular among the females, but more so with the younger elephants.

Fishan is sensitive and cares about everyone’s feelings, and as a result tends to get stressed easily. This is something you won’t easily pick up though, as he seems relaxed and carefree from the outside. He is very independent, and is usually the elephant that will take an alternative route just to be different! But he never intends offending anyone with his actions.

Fishan was castrated at a young age and this may have had an impact on his physique, as he is not a big elephant.

Tigere: Fishan is second in command. He is very caring towards the babies and he makes sure that he stays close to them when he feeds. He’s especially fond of Zindoga. He has a bit of a temper, and sometimes gets upset when the youngsters take their chances with him. Fishan was castrated and this has had an effect on his frame, as he’s quite skinny. He has shorter tusks and is very tall.

He and Jabu are not the best of friends.

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