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Spotlight on: Bubi

By 11th Aug 2016 2 Comments

Every elephant in Camp Jabulani has its own character and unique personality. And no one knows this better than the people who spend a lot of time in their company and watch over them.
Today, we turn the spotlight on Bubi: if her keepers were asked to write her recommendations, what would they say about her?

Stavros: Bubi is a good elephant. She has an unusual relationship with her son, Zindoga, who likes displaying his toughness. He’s a typical boys’ boy. Bubi also enjoys swimming.

Adine: Bubi doesn’t ask for a lot, but has good intentions in whatever she does. When she had Zindoga, she gave birth on her own, without any assistance. A sure sign of her independence!

She has the most beautiful eyelashes of all the elephants. She is a calm, reserved elephant and it takes some time to really know her, but once you find her soul, she is one of the most loyal individuals.

Tigere: Bubi is a very gentle and reliable elephant, and she’s not aggressive at all. She shares her stable with Fishan and Zindoga at night. Bubi is always the first to go for a swim. She’s close friends with Lundi and Tokwe.

Owen: Bubi is one of the best elephants, and even women aren’t scared to handle her. She has a quiet demeanor and doesn’t rumble without reason. Her son is very naughty though and likes getting pushy with her!


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