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Smoked CARPACCIO TERRINE with corn Salsa & pickled fennel

By 21st Jan 2014 No Comments



200g butter

200g cream cheese

Juice and zest of 1 lemon

Salt and pepper

500g thinly sliced carpaccio

Corn salsa:

1 red pepper

3 Corn on the cob, roasted

½ red onion

15ml honey

30ml raspberry vinegar

30ml black sesame seeds

30ml olive oil

Salt and pepper




  • Combine the butter, cream cheese, juice and zest in a mixer with the K-beater insert until smooth.
  • On a cutting board, lay a thin layer of carpaccio in the shape of a square. Then spread a thin layer of the cream cheese on top of the carpaccio. Make sure it is spread evenly, then layer with carpaccio again.
  • Continue to layer until you have 5 layers of carpaccio, the last layer being carpaccio.


Pepper salsa:

  • Dice the pepper, pineapple and onion in fine cubes.
  • With a sharp knife cut the corn kernels from the core of the corn and add to the pepper and pineapple.
  • Mix the honey, vinegar, sesame seeds and olive oil, then pour over the peppers and season to taste.
  • Place in the fridge and chill till ready to use.

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