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Saffron and Olive Oil Sponge Cake

By 25th Jan 2013 No Comments


2 Large Eggs

120g Castor Sugar

185ml Olive oil

Zest of one Lemon

Pinch of Saffron infused in 125ml White Wine

185g Bread Flour

10ml Baking powder

Pinch Salt


250ml water

250ml wine

210g sugar

Pinch of saffron


Preheat the oven on 180 ºC. Spay 12 dariole moulds* with non-stick spray. Beat yolks and half of the castor sugar until thick and pale. Then add the olive oil, zest saffron infused wine. Sieve all the dry ingredients and add to the olive oil mixture. Set aside.  In a separate bowl whisk remaining sugar with egg whites till stiff peaks. Fold into olive oil mixture.  Bake +- 15 minutes, or until brown. Pour syrup over each cake once removed from the oven.

Remove cakes from moulds and serve cold with Chantilly cream!

Chantilly cream

Whisk 300ml fresh cream while slowly adding 100g castor sugar and a vanilla pod, until the cream forms a stiff peak.

*Dariole is a French term meaning a small, cylindrical mould. A dariole mold looks like a small metal cup. Its shape is cylindrical with a slight taper to it. Anodised aluminum is often used for dariole mould as this metal is said to help food lift out easily as well as brown evenly. Darioles vary in size, but are always quite small as they are meant to be for individual portions of food.

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