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Safari Tips

Safari 101: what to pack

By 8th Sep 2016 No Comments

A lot of people might find their first safari quite stressful, especially when it comes to what to pack.

Many of the major airlines have weight restrictions for both normal baggage and carry-on luggage, which can vary between 20kg – 30kg and 7kg – 10kg respectively. So you can’t go overboard with what you bring.

To make your life easier, we’ve compiled a list of things that you should pack when visiting a lodge such as Camp Jabulani.

1. Clothing

  • You don’t need to pack three different sets of clothes per day! Lodges like Camp Jabulani offer daily laundry services (often included in the cost of your stay).
  • Pack neutral colours – stay away from bright neons.
  • Cotton clothing is the most comfortable to wear.
  • Pack a light raincoat and a warm jacket both in summer and winter – temperatures can fluctuate quite dramatically. In winter, it gets really cold before sunrise and after sunset, so you will need additional layers (scarves, gloves and hats also often welcome!)
  • Comfortable hiking shoes are a must.
  • Pack a broad-brimmed hat rather than a baseball cap – the sun can be very harsh, especially in summer.
  • Bring a scarf to protect against dust and dry air.
  • Remember your swimming costume!


2. Equipment

  • Remember your camera! You do not need a top-of-the-range one – any camera with a zoom will do. Bring enough memory cards and batteries, as you never know what might happen. And you definitely do not want to miss a great photo opportunity!


  • Camp Jabulani has international adapters in the rooms – but not all lodges have them. Bring your own adapter just to be safe.
  • Binoculars are great to have. Once again, you do not need a super expensive one to make the most of your sightings.

  • Cellphones, laptops and tablets are also handy to have around. Just remember that reception in the African bush isn’t always guaranteed – and switch them all on silent if you take them on a game drive!


3. Books

  • A good book is the perfect way to spend your leisure time in between game drives. Reference books are also great, especially for birders. If you do not want to carry books around, download them on your E-reader in advance, making sure that you have enough to last you for your holiday. For birders, Bird apps such as Sasol eBirds are extremely handy.


4. Medication

  • All lodges have a basic first-aid kit available, but remember to bring any chronic medication that you might be on.
  • Camp Jabulani is a low-risk malaria area, so consult with your doctor about which malaria tablets might be necessary.


5. Last, but not least…

  • Insect repellent is a must – especially in the summer!
  • Sunscreen is extremely important – make sure that it is SPF30 or higher.


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