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This simple but very tasty recipe is very popular with our guests. So, naturally, we had to share it!

These flavours add an extra dimension to quail, duck and stir fry as well as venison (in particular ostrich, springbok, kudu and impala).



½                     Red Cabbage – shredded

300ml             Sherry Vinegar

10ml               Soya Sauce

100g               White Sugar

150g               Brown Sugar

1 Cup             Dried Cranberries

1 Cup             Water


Mix all ingredients together and cook at a low temperature until the chutney has a thick and sticky consistency. The chutney is best cooked slowly over a low heat for 3- 4 hours. If required then it can be cooked for 1 hour over a medium heat, but then needs to be carefully monitored and regularly stirred to avoid scorching.

Go on… Add a little spice to your life.


Happy feasting!

The Camp Jabulani Team


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