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Ranger Reflections

Ranger Reflections – June 2018 Dohan Scheepers

By 11th Jun 2018 No Comments

Each week we ask one of our Camp Jabulani Rangers to reflect on the previous few weeks, and to share some of their favourite moments, and images with us, of their experiences whilst on duty. This week Dohan Scheepers shares some of his best photos and memories.

Tired leopard male after a long night out

The last few weeks have been really great, with the changing of the seasons however, it is getting a little chillier in the mornings, but nothing a hot water bottle and a blanket won’t fix.

I had two sightings that were my highlights of the past few weeks safari’s at Camp Jabulani. Unfortunately, I do not have images of these, as I did not have my camera with me but I have shared some of my other sightings visually with you in my top 10 photos’.

The first sighting was of a female Giraffe that was on her own, which we stopped to watch for a while, and followed her as she walked along the side of the road. She then stopped to pick up some bones in her mouth, which she chewed a bit, rolled around in her mouth, spat out, and continued with other bones that she found from the same carcass. This natural act is known as “osteophagia”, whereby certain herbivorous animals are in need of phosphorous and calcium, which they get from the bones.

It is always something special to see, as one does not expect to see the likes of a giraffe eating bones, as they are always seen eating vegetation only. My guests were mesmerised with the sighting, which was great.

My second sighting was something quite special. During a morning game drive, we had stopped to have some coffee, overlooking the Klaserie river where there were a few hippo’s relaxing in the river. One of my guests shouted out that they thought they had seen a tiger, so I automatically thought it must be a lion.  But we were graced with a beautiful strong male leopard taking a leisurely walk along the river bank on the opposite side of the river.

We all watched in silence as we finished up our hot cups of coffee, and then took a drive around to see this beautiful leopard a little closer. It was a very memorable coffee stop, as everyone just watched in silence and in awe.

I hope you enjoy my favourite photos of the past few weeks,

Dohan Scheepers

A rhino female popping out on the plains just to say hi

Buffalo flemining to see if female is in estrise

Lioness sleeping in a tree


Zebra having a bit of an argument

Early morning sunrise

Crock sunbathing in the cold winter morning


Face of the king

Ghost of the bush