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Elephant Tales

Princess Limpopo entertains her minions

By 18th Jun 2010 2 Comments

One morning, Limpopo – ever the attention seeking diva – found a rock the size of a cricket ball on the edge of the training area. She played with it for a few minutes, but soon became bored with the game and placed the rock on top of her head instead. She then spent the next few minutes strutting up and down with it balanced on her head like a tiara. It’s not clear whether she’d actually forgotten about it, or if she was just enjoying the attention it garnered from the grooms and I.

Kumbura’s confidence is growing by the day, and as a result she’s becoming less shy. She now readily takes food from the staff, and sometimes even from the guests. She’s also standing up for herself more with the other calves. Mambo even found himself on the losing end of a wrestling match with her recently, something he had a tough time accepting as he’d become quite accustomed to pushing her around.

Fishan (quite uncharacteristically) moved away from the rest of the herd while out on feed one afternoon. We spent the next few hours driving around looking for him, but once it got dark we decided to call it a night and leave him to find his own way home. A little before nine lions began roaring near the stables, and within fifteen minutes Fishan pitched up. We can only assume that a secure stable full of bana grass proved more appealing to him than a night in the bush with only a bunch of toothy lions for company. It just goes to show (yet again) that the elephants will always come home, even if they have the chance to stay out in the wild.

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