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Pictured safari experience from guest Pieter Voster

By 26th Jan 2016 No Comments

Pieter Vorster stayed at Camp Jabulani in November 2015. He captured some incredible wildlife sightings during his stay and shared them with us. We hope you enjoy his pictures as much as we did.

Hide and seek

Play time!


An elephant’s sunscreen


A drift of little pigs


Family gathering at the water hole


Brothers on alert


Off to cause some mischief


Nothing more relaxing than a roll in the mud


Tuned to the slightest whisper of danger


Queen of the cats


A marvelous creature


A committee of vultures


A little birdie told me


Survival of the fittest


Magnificent African sky


“I’ve got your back”


Thanks for the incredible pictures of Kapama Game Reserve wildlife, Pieter Vorster! We look forward to seeing you again at Camp Jabulani.

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