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Pairing wine and dessert – for Valentine’s Day

By 13th Feb 2018 No Comments

Celebrating love on Valentine’s Day with wine and desserts sounds auspiciously wonderful. Imagine melting milk chocolate rounded off with a spicy flavoured port while celebrating a blossoming relationship. That is all the pairing is… a relationship.

Courtship, in elephant style, means telling someone that a gift is given with tons of love, or that being your Valentine is big on possibilities. Sending a message of this magnitude will have to go hand in hand with a similar offering: pairing wine with something delectable and sweet, a decadent dessert.

At Camp Jabulani nothing less can be expected especially in the month of love. Elephants roam the lodge with spirits free trimmed off in sunsets that makes your heart skip a beat, only to be welcomed back with five-star food awaiting you. If that does not summarise Romance in The Bush, then nothing will. A Relais & Chateaux style dinner is always ended off with the most explosive desserts that crowns this glorious experience.

Taking your loved one to Camp Jabulani is the first step to winning over their heart and a delicious wine and dessert pairing will do the rest:
Successfully pairing a wine with any dessert rests on the following factors: Acidity, intensity and sweetness. Both acidity and intensity require that the desserts have an equal level of each. Acidic wine pairs well with fruit as it has natural acidity while intense desserts pair well with intense wines.

Sweetness however, requires that the wine should be sweeter than the dessert.


Rooibos tea infused crème caramel with spun sugar, kiwi coulis, vanilla bean panna cotta, orange segments, oat and coconut crumble and cured orange zest.
A creation of half-round, full-flavour dessert waiting to be enjoyed at Camp Jabulani made with something that is also very unique to South Africa, a tea.

Rooibos tea is a unique South African tea that is grown in the Cederberg area of the Western Cape. It does not contain any caffeine and has many various uses. The tea works well with creamy desserts as it produces full-bodied flavour when cooked with the cream, while adding citrus as a flavour enhancer will help to break down the sweetness of the wine.

This exceptional dessert is best enjoyed alongside a wooded Chardonnay as it complements the crème caramel. The wooded notes of the Chardonnay, with its orange notes, also compliments the coconut crumble.

Why not celebrate love this year in Camp Jabulani style:

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