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Our new resident at Camp Jabulani

By 18th Mar 2013 No Comments

Our new resident at Camp Jabulani

This Western stripe-bellied sand snake is now officially a permanent resident at Camp Jabulani, and has moved into a hollow in a Leadwood stump near the back of the kitchen. The snake is very mildly venomous, but is not a danger to human beings.

The Western Stripe-bellied Sand Snake (Psammophis subtaeniatus)

The Western stripe-bellied sand snake is a fast moving snake with a slender head, large eyes, yellow underside and pale stripes down the length of its body. These snakes are strictly diurnal, and grow to an average length of one metre, and a maximum of 1,4 metres. They mostly eat lizards, rodents, birds, frogs and other snakes. Sand snakes are found over most of Southern Africa, and are largely terrestrial, although they can often be seen basking on the branches of shrubs and small trees.

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