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Jabulani Herd

Our mischievous Mambo gets fostered

By 25th Nov 2016 No Comments

Mambo is one of Camp Jabulani’s young elephants. He was born to Lundi in August  2009. This little one is such a character and there’s never a dull moment whenever he’s around.

Similar to any seven year old, Mambo is playful and likes to wrestle his fellow mates, Zindoga, Pisa and Kumbura. He particularly enjoys playing with Zindoga during the midday swim, and the bigger the splash he and Zindoga can create the more fun they have.

During bushwalks, Mambo sometimes strays from the rest of the herd when he tries to take shortcuts. This lands him in trouble from time to time as he ends up getting lost. But fear not, for he is a clever boy and will simply start trumpeting to let his mother, Lundi, know that he needs help. Luckily there is also always an elephant handler on standby to go and fetch Mambo when his inquisitive nature lands him in trouble. Lundi, being the protective mother she is, also stops walking until her little Mambo gets back.

Mambo is a bit of a spoiled child, but we love him! He sometimes fancies himself a leader, and would walk in front of Jabulani (who always leads) during the bushwalks. Mambo’s saving grace is of course his young age, and thus the older elephants ignore his antics (probably just shaking their heads and rolling their eyes at his childish antics). As he gets older, the other elephants will surely start putting him in his place, especially the dominant male, Sebakwe.

Mambo loves interacting with the guests. It is noticeable how eager he gets when guests are introduced to Jabulani, as he knows full well he’s next in line. The handlers only need to call his name once and Mambo is front and centre where he knows he is going to be showered with love and attention, and of course a tasty treat or two.

Mambo’s personality has endeared him to all and he has now been fostered through the Camp Jabulani ‘Foster an Elephant’ project. Only the younger elephants in the Camp Jabulani herd can be fostered. Click Here for a pdf download to learn how you can also foster one of our baby elephants.

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