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Jabulani Herd

Lundi grazing on her own

By 21st May 2015 One Comment

Lundi is known as the “great aunt” of the resident elephant herd.

We recently spent some time observing her while she was eating, and captured just a fraction on film. We find elephant behaviour fascinating, and wanted to share this particular aspect of their lives with you.

About 80% of an elephant’s day is spent feeding. Adult African elephants consume approximately 136kg of food per day! Elephants are both grazers (feeding on grass or low growing herbage) and browsers (feeding on twigs, leaves, fruits on bushes and trees).

In this clip you can see how Lundi pulls a tuft of grass out of the soil with her trunk, and shakes it before putting it in her mouth to chew. She keeps on chewing while her trunk continues to explore for another tuft of grass which she subsequently rips up too.

Elephants will usually dig up plants below the earth to obtain nutrients as a supplement to their diet. It is interesting to see how this discerning animal likes to prepare her food before she eats it!

One Comment

  • Am amazed by God the way he created different animals. For elephants truly have fascinating behavior especially the way they dug down below the earth to get nutrients. I didn’t know that.

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