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Lion pride kills waterbuck at the lodge

By 5th Oct 2016 No Comments

We are currently experiencing a severe drought, and as a result we get a lot of animals in desperate search of some greenery.

On the evening of the 12th of September, we were alerted to a frail waterbuck cow close to the lodge. We realised that it was as a result of the drought that the cow had become weak, and couldn’t get up by herself anymore.

Although the drought is affecting all wildlife negatively, predators are having a field day as they don’t have to work too hard to catch their prey.

Unfortunately for the very weak waterbuck, lying in some shade under a tree next to the waterhole at the lodge, a pride of lions appeared out of nowhere. Lions do not typically pass up on the opportunity of easy prey, and one lioness swiftly went for the kill (pun intended). Thankfully it was a very quick end to the antelope’s life.

This all happened right in front of us – a kill right at the lodge’s doorstep. Clearly one need not be out on safari to witness an epic sighting.

Although Nature at times appears cruel, it is always fair in the broader scheme of things. As the rainy season approaches, we are in hope that the antelopes will soon build their strength again, and that the playing fields will once again even out … as they always do.

General Manager,

Christo Rachmann

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