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Elephant insights

Join us for a 3-Day Elephant Workshop with Dr Johan Marais! | 3-6 December 2021

By 2nd Jun 2021 4 Comments

An incredible opportunity to go on safari with us and Dr Johan Marais and learn more about elephants

We are hosting an Elephant Workshop Experience with Dr Johan Marais – the vet, photographer and Founder of Saving The Survivors on 3 – 6 December 2021. We are still finalising the online workshops which will be separate to this event.

Please contact us to find out about rates and to book – res@jabulanisafari.com.

Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. View the package and itinerary here.

The 3-day workshop will explore elephants’ complex social structures, behavioural patterns, genetics, their importance to wildlife areas and other mammal species, and offer insight into the management of elephants in reserves. Accompanied by experienced Jabulani guides, you will get to observe elephants in the diverse habitats in the Kapama Private Game Reserve, while staying at Jabulani.


“I am in love with Africa and its wildlife,” Dr Marais says. “I cannot, and will not, stand by and watch these incredible, iconic animals and our heritage get slaughtered… We will continue to save injured and poached species and create further opportunities to play an active role in the protection of our endangered wildlife, so that our kids may still enjoy seeing species like elephant and rhino roam the vast plains of Africa.


Launched in 2012, Saving the Survivors is a unique team of vets working on the ground in South Africa to treat endangered wildlife that has been attacked and injured by poachers.


  • Bob Whitfield says:

    Morning all,
    Would thoroughly enjoy participating in this experience and will need some guidance navigating the steps needed to get there. .


  • Sandi Caputo says:

    I am wondering what the cost of this safari is.

  • Jabulani says:

    Dear Bob! Thanks so much for your comment. Our reservations manager, Adele can happily guide you. Do you perhaps have an email address that she can contact you on? Thanks and all the best! res@jabulanisafari.com is Adele’s contact.

  • Jabulani says:

    Hi Sandi, we would love to share more about the rates. Do you have an email address that our reservations manager, Adele can contact you on? Alternatively, you can email her to find out more too: res@jabulanisafari.com is Adele’s contact. Thank you

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