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Jabulani Herd

Jabulani and the giraffes, by Adine Roode

I was spending some quality time with the elephants one afternoon, simply watching as they interacted with one another. Jabulani, being the comedian he is, took my water bottle and squashed it in his mouth to consume its contents. He kindly returned it to me…empty.

He then noticed a small journey of giraffes, drinking water in a puddle not so far away. Even though there were only four of them and they weren’t doing anything suspicious, they seemed to bother Jabulani.

Clearly annoyed, Jabulani set off towards the giraffes. Perhaps he felt that they were invading his territory, and decided to teach them who’s boss.

Most of the herd turned around immediately and headed in the opposite direction. But one giraffe bull tried to stand his ground. Jabulani is not aggressive, but when you come face to face with an elephant bull, it is always wise to back down. The giraffe bull quickly realised this and headed off to join his herd.

Jabulani stood and watched them disappear into the bush. After a while he sauntered back to his companions and all was forgotten.

Giraffe: 0 | Jabulani: 1

Adine Roode

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