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In their footsteps – The CJ border walk

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Nothing says I am committed to my job more than completing a border walk and carrying a heavy rifle in 35 degree Celsius temperatures. Two Camp Jabulani rangers took up the task and showed that they are willing to go the extra mile. Tracking amongst the rocky footpaths, past lions, alongside grazing giraffes – all in an effort to get to know the boundaries of Camp Jabulani, the place they call home.

At 5am on 15 December, this is what they did. They started walking. As both Dohan Scheepers and Jason Botes represent Camp Jabulani, they felt it necessary to do the walk for the company, but also for themselves. For 21km’s you carry your own weight and the weight of a rifle. Footstep for footstep you are faced with your thoughts and struggles, hopes and dreams.

Keeping close tabs on the rangers and making sure that they stuck to the designated route, Camp Jabulani management was able to ensure they completed their track safely. The halfway mark was a milestone and up until that point, it went very well. Their progress after reaching it, however, slowed down and slowed down again.


Roughly at 10 am, Dohan and Jason walked into Camp Jabulani.

Upon their arrival the pair was greeted by the rest of the ranger team who looked upon them rather enviously having finished their walk. Fortunately, nothing makes you forget about your tired legs as quickly as a hot breakfast from chef Alex.

Ranger Dohan’s experience of the border walk at Camp Jabulani:

Congratulations to Dohan and Jason on being the first rangers at Camp Jabulani to have finished the walk.

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