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Progression of the Elephant Experience in their element: Elephants swim at the waterhole

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“Even the mighty Sebakwe himself turns into the child he is at heart, cannonballing himself into the water…”

Just add water, and watch an elephant finds its happy space! The midday swim time is one of the most popular aspects of the current Elephant Experience, and will remain unchanged through the transition which is taking place on 01 April 2017.

Camp Jabulani’s guests are transferred to one of the waterholes on the Big Five reserve to watch as the elephants approach from their morning spent browsing in the bush. The teenagers simply cannot contain themselves, and like children make a beeline to the water where they push and play with their brothers and sisters. Admittedly, the adults are not far behind, and this is when their really playful nature is best demonstrated. We never tire of watching them splashing, spraying and trumpeting, and this is an excellent opportunity to capture a collection of very special photographs and videos.

Camp Jabulani’s spectators enjoy the aquatic display from the comfort of their safari vehicle, or beneath a shady tree next to the waterhole. Seldom (if ever) are people able to get this close to elephants in the wild, let alone be so fully immersed in the experience. It’s not unheard of for some to return to the lodge with slightly damp clothing – courtesy of an enthusiastic trunk!

Guests return to the lodge for a mouth-watering three-course lunch served on the shaded deck overlooking the dry riverbed, followed by an afternoon spent at leisure.

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