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Hyena attack in a waterhole

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It is submerged beneath the water

During a recent game drive, two hyenas were spotted opposite a waterhole on the reserve. We stopped to observe them, and to see in which direction they were headed. A third hyena then appeared, and it was evident that the two we had originally found were not happy with its presence. They immediately gave chase, and the third hyena dashed into the water while the other two waited at its edge.

Two hyenas were spotted at the waterhole


The arrival of a third hyena was not welcome


The third hyena is chased into the waterhole


We drove a bit closer. At this point, the offending creature had left the safety of the water and all three animals were on the dam wall.  The two hyenas then started viciously attacking the third.


The third hyena emerges from the water


An attack is imminent


The hapless victim ran back into the waterhole, but this time the other two were not reluctant to follow and remained hot on its heels.


The attackers chases their victim into the water


The two aggressors each bit an ear, and appeared to trample the third under the water. You could hear the beast screaming in pain and fear as it resurfaced.


They relentlessly ambush the third


The hapless creature is defenceless


The aggressors continue unabated


It was only when a fourth hyena arrived that the two bullies pulled back and swam back to solid ground. They shook themselves off and circled around the new arrival. When the third hyena finally emerged from the water, both of its ears were bleeding. Thankfully though the massacre was over, and all four set off in different directions.


The poor victim’s ears are bitten


The bush playground is not always kind!


The attack continues


A fourth hyena arrives and the attack stops


The two bullies rush out of the water to confront the fourth animal


A formidable foe


Is it safe to come out?


The hyena is cleary injured around its ears


The fourth hyena thankfully escapes unscathed


Enough agression for the day


All four animals disperse

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