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Guest blog – Michelle Jacobs

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Lioness and cub

Michelle Jacobs recently visited Camp Jabulani, and had this to say:

“We had a WONDERFUL time in South Africa. The trip was truly spectacular and one I know we’d all do again in a heartbeat. There really isn’t much to say on the “bad” front other than the weather, which is obviously out of one’s control.

Our rangers were excellent and the staff at Camp Jabulani was superb, and the accommodation was luxurious!

I had a bit of a health issue while we were staying at Camp Jabulani, and the staff – especially Carl – was more than helpful. Carl personally drove me into town to see a doctor, and made all the bookings and follow-up calls to make sure I was getting the care that I needed. I really cannot say enough wonderful things about Carl and the team he has put together at Camp Jabulani. Probably the best service I’ve ever experienced!

As for the safari itself, what an adventure! We got to see some amazing (and some very rare) sights, that have subsequently made everything at home seem quite dull.

On the morning that we came back the weather was awful and we were forced to travel by road rather than fly out. Although longer, and admittedly not the smoothest of rides, going via road was definitely the safe and right way to go!”

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