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Signature sunsets

At the end of the day, join us for elegant sundowners and canapés served as we wait for the Jabulani herd to return to their homestead after a day out foraging in the wild. Their preferred route takes them past a particular dam that promises a spectacular scene with a breathtaking sunset and, depending on the weather, magnificent reflections of their silhouettes on the water.

The elephants may stop for a final drink in the dam before they head back to their home for the night. Look out for the different members of the herd, including the orphans who have been successfully integrated into this unique blended family…

As the herd continues, guests can choose to follow them for the short remainder of their walk. Friendly elephant bull, Jabulani often lingers behind to socialise a little. As you watch the elephants making their way into their homestead for the night, our elephant manager, Tigere or one of the elephant carers will share insight into the design of the stables and the procedures the elephants follow in the evening and the mornings that are an integral part of their daily routine.

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